Peacekeepers Inc. receives $2,200 thanks to perfect forecasting

Peacekeepers Inc. receives $2,200 thanks to perfect forecasting (WRSP)

In our weather guarantee last month, Fox Storm Team along with the Green Family Stores raised $2,200 towards Peacekeepers Inc.

Thanks to a perfect month of forecasting!

Peacekeepers raises money for the relief fund and scholarship program to help those who work for our local law enforcement agencies and the armed forces.

Since 2004, they've hosted a charitable motorcycle ride with the help of Illinois Sheriff's Association.

"The Peacekeepers started in 2004, with a group of people that were just doing a weekend ride and we decided to make it mean something," said Peacekeepers Inc. Vice President Robert Howalt.

"Able to help the law enforcement community, as well as the military community, those people who are out there on the front lines every single day," said Mylas Copeland with the Green Family Stores.

If you want to participate in the ride, the registration is this Sunday at camp Lincoln at 9 a.m. and the ride is at noon.

The charity of the month for July is the YMCA Strong Kids.

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