People protest Republican tax plan outside Congressman Lahood's office

People protest Republican tax plan.JPG

Protesters gathered outside Congressman Darin Lahood's office in Springfield Monday night.

Organizers say the goal of the protest was to voice their opposition to the Republican Tax Reform Bills.

Protesters said the bill will have a negative impact on Illinois and representatives are only listening to their wealthy donors.

"We're protesting all the cuts for the wealthy which are going to end up being a tax burden on the middle class,” Action Illinois Organizer Jennifer Lee said.

"We want to make sure the representatives know when they're taking this vote that we will remember in November."

We reached out to Congressman Lahood who sent us a statement saying:

"Under the House Tax Reform Bill, a median household in our district would save $2,060 every year. As we begin to work out the differences between our bill and the Senate's, I remain committed to bringing this kind of relief to the middle class by lowering rates and simplifying our tax code."

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