Plane crashes into car on I-55 near Lincoln

    <p>The plane was taken to Logan County Airport after being removed from the highway. It took about 45 minutes to move the plane from the accident scene to the airport.{/p}

    Illinois State Police spent several hours working to clear a plane crash in the northbound lane of I-55 near Lincoln Wednesday afternoon.

    "The plane come down, hit the car and had an emergency stop,” Lincoln resident Mike Neitzel said.

    State police say the single engine Cessna plane lost power and tried to land in the southbound lanes.

    On its way down the plane clipped a Chevy Malibu, traveled through the median and came to rest in an I-55 northbound lane.

    “It looks like a small plane, got the highway stopped and big doings for Lawndale, Illinois about 50 people,” Logan County resident Troy Grass said.

    Some wonder why the pilot didn't land in nearby fields. Another pilot offers us his take on why things might not have been that simple.

    "A corn field would probably bang up the airplane really bad and probably flip it over,” private pilot Llyod Mason said. “The beans, you'd probably flip over with that airplane."

    Police report that there were no injuries to the pilot or two passengers in the Chevy Malibu.

    "It's probably a good landing, everybody walked away, nobody got hurt,” Mason said. “A good landing's one you walk away from, a great landing's one where you can reuse the airplane immediately thereafter."

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