Police: Glenwood High School Safe, Threats Not Credible

    Police: Glenwood High School Safe, Threats Not Credible (WRSP)

    Glenwood High School was declared safe after students were evacuated because of a threat written on a bathroom wall.

    Illinois State Police, Springfield Police and Capitol Police said the school was safe around 4 p.m. Thursday after K-9 units searched the area for potential explosives.

    Students were evacuated shortly after 2 p.m. Thursday. Anyone who could drive home was allowed to do so. The rest walked to the nearby elementary school and were bused home.

    This is the second day in a row the school has found a threatening message. It was placed on a soft lock down for several hours Wednesday.

    Police couldn't give specifics on the threats, but said they resulted in a lot of law enforcement having to come to the scene.

    "It's a major liability for everybody," Chatham Police Chief Vernon Foli said. "The amount of call out, and trying to get other agencies out here. It's a burden to everybody. Now this is the second day with the school has either been on lock down. Or today now the school has been dismissed early. So at this point it's a burden to everybody."

    Some parents and students say they wish they would have been given more direction from the school, which did not give them specific directions. They say that caused panic.

    "It's kind of scary trying to find my sister in all of the chaos," Hayden Kuetemeyer said. "And then when I'm standing in the commons looking for my sister, I'm being shouted at to leave. It's pretty scary."

    The school says they cannot say much about the incident, given that it's an active criminal investigation. They did tell us the situation was handled by the book, and it is their policy not to give students too many specifics during a threat situation, so they avoid causing panic.

    Ball-Chatham school district notified parents of the evacuation and later that the school was safe.

    Chatham police say are interviewing a student of interest, who is connected to both threats. Police have determined neither of them are credible.

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