Police investigating report of concerning post about Centennial High School

Police investigating report of concerning post about Centennial High School (WCCU)

Centennial High School was on heightened security Monday after what the district is calling a a "concerning" social media post.

Parents describe dropping off their students around before school.

"There was police everywhere and then I seen two of them had a city bus stopped and they were talking to them I guess," Vickie Ragel said, whose grandson attends Centennial. "I seen quite a few unmarked and marked."

Unit 4 School District says Champaign police were present at the beginning of the school day following a social media post allegedly made by a Centennial student Sunday.

Police say the post included a picture that gave the suggestion that the use of a firearm would be involved.

"I got to school and they were like ‘someone on Snapchat said that they were going to shoot up the school, so don't come to school,’ student Jayonna Hughes said. “And I just came here so I'm like what are you talking about?'

Hughes was one of the students picked up early. She says she wasn't quite sure what to do.

"It's not like no joke to play around with because like you're going to affect other people's lives and then have people worried about it."

In a statement, the district says they believe the situation today was averted and police will continue to investigate the issue.

Ragel says she thinks the school handled the situation well and feels safe sending her grandson to school.

"I think the Champaign Police did a wonderful job and they always do,” Ragel said. “So I'm with them all the way."

Press release from Unit 4 on the investigation:

Administrators at Centennial High School were made aware this morning that a student posted to social media a concerning message on Sunday. The Champaign Police Department was notified and additional police staff were made available at the onset of the school day.
We believe that the situation today has been averted and police are actively investigating and addressing any issue by the person(s) in question.
The school was not placed on a hard lockdown today, yet additional safety measures were taken to direct students to their classes as they entered the school.
The safety of our students is our top priority. We will continue to work with the authorities to ensure a safe learning environment for our students, teachers, and staff.
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