Police investigation leaves Adam Lopez Thanksgiving Tournament in limbo

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    Lincoln Land Community College cut ties with Adam Lopez Friday.

    Lopez is a prominent Springfield businessman and vice president of the District 186's School Board.

    Fox Illinois spoke with Lopez's aunt and uncle one-on-one Thursday. They said they gave Lopez more than half a million dollars to invest over the last three years and now it's missing.

    Friday, Lincoln Land Community College rescinded its five-year tournament hosting agreement with Lopez and Snap Fitness.

    The Adam Lopez Thanksgiving Tournament started three years ago.

    This year would’ve been Lincoln Land’s first time hosting the tournament.

    It was previously held at Lanphier High School.

    Lincoln Land Community College released the following statement Friday:

    “Due to uncertainties surrounding pending investigations of Adam Lopez, Lincoln Land Community College will rescind its tournament hosting agreement with Mr. Lopez and SNAP Fitness effective immediately.
    College administrators will work with Lanphier High School to develop alternate tournament arrangements in support of the eight teams who have been invited to participate.”

    District 186 School Board member Jamie Sisti said the district is actively working on a plan B for the tournament.

    She said the tournament going on as planned would be ideal. She said the tournament is a great opportunity for the Lanphier basketball team, and said it’s great to have the team stay home and other teams come to them.

    As for Lopez's position on the school board, Sisti said it isn’t affected.

    Sisti said it’s premature for the board to make any decision regarding Lopez since the police investigation, to her knowledge, doesn’t contain any allegations connected to District 186 or the school board.

    If things escalate though, Sisti said the school board plans to reevaluate.

    Wednesday, Lopez’s lawyer Daniel Noll released the following statement to Fox Illinois:

    Mr. Lopez has dedicated his professional and adult life to service of this community. While the Springfield Police Department has confirmed a pending investigation against Mr. Lopez, we are unaware of both the nature of the investigation and accusation against against him. Mr. Lopez denies any wrongdoing and looks forward to being vindicated through the investigation - whatever it is for.

    Friday, Noll declined to make any further comment.

    District 186 said they don't have any information on a police investigation concerning Adam Lopez and said they aren’t involved in any police investigation.

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