President Obama Thanks Supporters At Hoogland Center For The Arts


The Hoogland Center for the Arts was the final stop for the President Wednesday.

More than 200 supporters gathered inside the theatre for an intimate event with our commander-in chief.

Before Air Force One even landed in the Capital City, President Obama supporters began lining up outside the Hoogland Center.

"Lived down the street from us on Greenwood and he was my state senator. So I've seen him from the beginning and even when he was sworn in. We were in Washington to seem him be sworn in," said Renee Morrissette Thomas of Chicago.

It was a private, invitation-only event to those Illinoisans who supported the President from the very beginning.

"I was one of his first supporters. Actually campaigned for him when he ran for office in Springfield and following him to Washington, D.C," said Springfield Alderman Doris Turner.

Nine years later, the President took this opportunity in Springfield to say thank you.

"Every day, I've been reminded of the goodness of the American people and that all started with so many of you. As I look around the room I see people I worked with in the state legislature, I see union leaders who supported me early on when I didn't have much of a shot," said President Obama.

The man the President says he owes his success to is U.S. Senator Dick Durbin.

"I would not be United States senator and I certainly would not be President if it had no been for the support of Dick Durbin," said President Obama.

That support has continued for more than a decade.

"He was a long shot. I was the first senator to endorse him and for 14 months, the only senator to endorse him, but he won the Iowa caucus and took off from there and became president. I've been very proud of what he's done to help our country," said Durbin.

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