Proposal Would Allow School Buses To Travel On Shoulder

Bus Bill

Lawmakers are looking at improving the time in which it takes your children to get home on the school bus.

If signed into law, the new plan would allow school buses to travel on the shoulders of state highways.

It would be part of a five year pilot program.

However one local superintendent says that risk is not really worth the reward.

"Our bus is driving down the shoulder and all of a sudden someone whips right out in front of us we have an issue. Are we at fault because we were on the shoulder? Even though we're OK because we hit someone or someone hit us. Then the challenge is our safety procedures go into place absolutely as they should. We're checking out every child at the hospital," said Dr. Lance Thurman, superintendent of Riverton School District.

The new bill would only allow buses to use the shoulder if there were children on board and they were headed to or from a school related activity.

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