Protesters Still Looking For Answers From Rep. Davis

Protesters are asking for two things for Rodney Davis to meet with them in person for a town hall meeting. (WCCU)

You've likely seen the stories around the country as angry residents confront their republican lawmakers.

Here at home, protesters gathered outside Congressman Rodney Davis' office Thursday.

Last week, Congressman Davis held a tele-town hall, inviting people to dial in and ask questions.

However, that wasn't enough for some as they wanted to meet with Davis face to face.

"Try and get Congressman Davis to commit to some sort of public appearance where people can ask questions, vote their concerns,” Cameron Raab, founder of Champaign-Urbana chapter of Indivisible Illinois, said.

Protesters are asking for two things; for Rodney Davis to meet with them in person for a town hall meeting and to talk about the future of the Affordable Care Act.

"He's voted over 40 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with no viable replacement,” Debra Schrishuhn with the Central Illinois Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America said.

In terms of the ACA, the Rep. Davis had this to say:

"I know how important affordable health insurance is, which is why I have introduced legislation to ensure people with pre-existing conditions cannot be discriminated against by insurance companies."

Rep. Davis did hold a tele-town conference meeting a week ago, allowing people to call in and ask questions.

Some don't believe it answered their concerns

"It was unsatisfying, there's you sit through a canned speech, all the questions are moderated, there's no opportunity to follow up,” Raab said.

"He never plans to have an in-person town-hall in the Champaign-Urbana area, so to him we don't matter and we say we do matter,” Schrishuhn said.

In response, Davis' office says he was able to answer several questions during the tele-town conference.

Those out protesting Thursday believe no matter what happens, people getting involved and stepping out is what's important.

"Whether you tuned into it or not, there's things that are going on that will affect you,” Raab said.

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