Rantoul man starts new bus service to Chicago

Golston said he wanted to offer a cheaper and faster way of getting to the windy city (WCCU)

Danville and Rantoul residents now have an easier way of traveling to the windy city.

“I'd go to Chicago a lot more if there was a bus that took me here,” Rantoul resident, Autumn Goff said.

Wendell Golston is making the wheels on the bus go round from Danville to Rantoul and then to Chicago with his new bus service Danville Zip Line. He started working on the idea last September.

“We were finding that a lot of people didn't have transportation to get back and forth to Chicago especially those who had been displaced by the recent housing demolition in the Chicago area - public housing,” Golston said.

While Rantoul residents already have the option to take Amtrak to the city -- it's not always convenient for some people.

“I’m a sports fan so it'd be something that I can easily jump on the bus go straight and get dropped off at the game,” Rantoul resident, Tyrone Trotter said. “Because when we used to do it we'd get on the train and there'd be delays going certain places and getting a bunch of stops, but here it's a direct shot to Chicago.”

Golston said he wanted to offer a cheaper and faster way of getting to Chicago. His service offers one-way bus tickets for $25.

“It goes from 57 to Dan Ryan,” Golston said. “A lot of times people from Danville will take the bus from Danville to Champaign to catch the bus to go to Chicago and if they haven't made reservations electronically they would get down there and find out that the bus itself is already sold out.”

Danville Zip Line offers evening bus service, Friday through Sunday. Golston said he plans to add morning rides in the future.

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