Rantoul shooting investigation on hold due to victim not cooperating

    Police said the victim is the only one who could reveal the identity of the gunman. (WCCU)

    A Rantoul shooting investigation is at a standstill after police said the victim is not cooperating.

    A man was shot in the 1100 block of falcon drive on June 1st and sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Police said the gunman fired shots into the apartment, but officers said the investigation is now on hold because the victim is not helping though police would not reveal why. Police said the victim is the only one who could reveal the identity of the gunman.

    With the recent spike of shootings in Champaign County, city and community leaders are taking steps toward combatting the gun violence. Police are always reminding people if you see something say something, but residents are not always following that advice. Local funeral director and member of the Champaign Community Coalition, Seon Williams said city leaders are working toward bridging the gap when it comes to shooting investigations.

    “Bullets don't have eyes and so we definitely need to have a conversation throughout the community and talk to young people about you're going to need the police to help you when you're on that side of the fence,” Williams said. “Sp when you're a victim you're going to be looking for some justice and those are the people that are going to be bringing you some justice so when it's not happening to your family still support the family that it is happening to.”

    Williams said it starts with a conversation about the men and women in blue. Last week the community coalition announced 5 action plans toward ending gun violence some of which include evaluating existing resources and analyzing public policy.

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