Rauner Administration Files Opposition to AG’s Move to Halt State Employee Pay

Governor Bruce Rauner has filed an opposition to Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s move to halt state employees' pay.

In a statement, the governor's top attorney says it's irresponsible to cut off paychecks for hardworking state employees.

In the opposition, the Rauner administration urges the court to not create an unnecessary crisis.

Both sides will be in court on Thursday.

Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration today filed an opposition to the Attorney General’s irresponsible attempt to cut off paychecks for hardworking state employees.
“As we explain in our opposition, federal and state law requirements support continuing the Court’s July 2015 order that would ensure that state employees receive the paychecks they have earned,” said Dennis Murashko, General Counsel to the Governor. “Instead of fighting to cut off employee pay in the middle of the Senate’s work on passing a balanced budget with changes to the system, the Attorney General should become a productive partner in the process.”
Former Comptroller Leslie Munger retained her own counsel to fight vigorously for state employees to continue being paid for the work they do. Comptroller Mendoza has taken a different path, abdicating her responsibility to fight for state employees.
Our administration unequivocally stands with state employees. Last week, Governor Rauner sent a video message to state employees reiterating his dedication to ensuring they continue to be paid for their work. We continue to call on the Attorney General to abandon her quest to deprive Illinois state workers of their hard-earned wages.
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