Tall corn creating blind spots for drivers

With the corn growing taller, drivers say they worry for their safety when driving on county roads. (WCCU)

With the corn growing taller, drivers say they worry for their safety when driving on county roads—especially when approaching four-way intersections with no stop signs.

Sometimes it can be impossible to see around the corner.

Two weeks ago, a 58-year-old woman was killed at a rural intersection east of Fisher after being t-boned by another car that was speeding through.

That is just one of the hundreds of crashes that happen on rural roads because people simply don't stop.

Even Joyce Vanpienvroek from Rantoul said she knows several people who were hit at county intersections.

“You know you can't bring a life back after a crash," she said.

Champaign County Chief Deputy Allen Jones said he sees this happening all the time. When the crops get high, he said the number of crashes get worse.

“The importance of yielding at corn intersections or any unmarked intersection is your life," he said.

He said the rule is to stop and yield to the car on the right.

“Everyone has to stop at an unmarked intersection and then when it's safe to proceed, you proceed," Jones said.

Champaign County Highway Department is working to put in stop signs at all unmarked county road intersections.

But even with those, Jones said it's only a dent in the problem, the rest is up to the driver.

“Unfortunately, that's not going to alleviate the need to drive with care and caution,” he said. “It's a sense of security, but yet, we don't want to take any risk.”

Vanpienvroek said when she is driving her grandchildren, she will avoid the county roads because even though she stops, she knows others won't.

“Instead of being hurry, hurry, hurry, take your time,” She begs. “You don’t know—here today, gone tomorrow."

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