School athletics could be impacted if state doesn't start paying schools

School athletics could be impacted if state doesn't start paying schools (WRSP)

The lack of state funding is causing schools to dip into their reserves.

When it comes to funding schools' sports teams, it's no different.

"They're impacted the same way as anything else,” Ball-Chatham Schools Superintendent Douglas Wood said. “We're budgeted for the year, Fall sports are underway at this point. The real question becomes what happens if schools are not funded as we project forward."

The uncertainty has some people concerned.

Phyllis Warren, who's granddaughter plays golf and volleyball for her school, said she thinks the extracurricular activity is good for kids.

“I think it would be a shame that they fall by the wayside,” Warren said. “I think you need the activities."

In Ball-Chatham, Wood said it's possible a lack of budget could also impact the athletic programs that his district competes against.

"It's quite possible,” Wood said. “We also compete with schools that are beyond our boundaries or beyond our region -- particularly when we get into post season, things like that. So I can't speak for them, but I would imagine that they're impacted very much the same way we are."

Wood said they'll be dipping into their funding reserves if they don't get state funding soon to pay for day-to-day operational costs.

They may also have to start borrowing money.

Springfield Public School's Public Information Officer said their district athletics program is not in jeopardy for the upcoming school year.

The state is due to start sending out check to schools in a couple of weeks.

Without a new school funding formula, they can't do that.

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