Illinois voters always considered 'active'

Illinois State Board of Elections works to stop cyber attacks (WICS File Photo)

The Supreme Court ruled that Ohio's method of removing names from its voter rolls does not violate federal law.

The registration is canceled if the mailed notice is ignored, and the voter fails to update a registration over the next four years.

Six other states have similar laws, and the ruling could encourage others to pass similar laws.

Matt Dietrich of the Illinois Board of Elections said Illinois' process does differ from Ohio.

"Illinois has a different system than the one used in Ohio. In Illinois, if you are a registered voter, whether you vote or not has no bearing on whether you remain an active voter," Dietrich said.

Dietrich said as long as you are registered and continue to live at the same address, you can still receive your voting card.

But, if not, the state also has same day registration, so you can go to the polls and vote.

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