Scrappers causing problems after Taylorville tornado

    Scrappers causing problems after Taylorville tornado. (WRSP)

    Taylorville officials said looting hasn’t been much of an issue since an EF-3 tornado ravaged parts of the city Saturday.

    Taylorville Police Chief Brian Hile said a convenience store did have some things stolen, but overall the community has proven to be respectful of people‘s personal belongings.

    Scrappers have been causing some problems around town though.

    “Probably the biggest complaints that we’re getting is the people going around scrapping, getting metal and things of that nature, off the boulevards,” Hile said. “They’re helpful in the process by getting some of that stuff removed, but just be cognizant and be respectful to the homeowners.”

    Hile suggested scrappers actually go up and knock on the doors of homeowners to ask if they mind them picking up their metal.

    He said he suspects most would actually be happy for people to do so.

    If people aren’t going to ask permission, he said to take scraps that have been piled on the curb.

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