Search for missing kayaker continues for third day

Search for missing kayaker continues for third day

The search continues for missing kayaker and MMA fighter 29-year-old Shane Shomidie along the Sangamon River at Riverside Park.

It’s the third day of the search and crews have found no sign of Shomidie. Park officials tell us it’s very likely that after three days, the man may have drowned.

Search crews have been out since they got the call Saturday night. After not finding anything, they came back out Sunday and they did find the kayak but not the man.

We know three other people were involved and two of them were taken to the hospital for treatment.

"We started looking for the individual and we are still doing so now,” said Limey Nargelenas, park district chief of police. “We have boats on the river and dogs out there looking too. We're doing everything we possibly can to hopefully rescue this individual if they're someplace in the riverbanks."

There are many agencies helping with the search. Shomidie’s family is also on scene helping out.

Officials say he could have floated anywhere up or down the river.

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