Senator Dick Durbin Discusses Syria Airstrike

Senator Dick Durbin Discusses Syria Airstrike

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin was in Springfield Sunday.

He discussed several topics ranging from DACA, Illinois' decreasing population, and the Syria airstrikes.

Senator Durbin said he supports President Trump's decision in the airstrikes on Syria.

Despite denial from Syria that it was using chemical weapons, Durbin said we've all seen the videos of the aftermath.

The senator added President Trump was wise to get help from the country’s allies, the United Kingdom and France.

“I hope it does send a message to Assad, but make no guarantee this is the last of Assad’s chemical weapons,” said Durbin. “And secondly it has no impact on the ultimate disposition on this war in Syria which has been going on for so long.”

However, Durbin quickly criticized Trump for tweeting and letting Russia know about the missiles.

He said no Commander in Chief should signal in advance about military tactics.

"And yet this president with his daily tweets over and over again has thrown caution to the wind,” said Durbin. “It's one thing for him to risk his own political name and agenda but certainly to risk the lives of American troops is unacceptable."

Due to the airstrikes, Senator Durbin released a statement that said Trump's actions raise the question of the president's authority to unilaterally attack another nation without congressional authority.

Now Durbin and other senators say it's time for congress to engage in a national debate about our war policy.

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