Drivers expected to get car washes with warmer temperatures on the way

Several expected to get car washes with warmer temperatures outside.

With the temperatures continuing to rise over the weekend, you can also expect the line at the car wash to rise as well.

"Wintertime is always busier than the summer, in the summer people do their own cars,” Manager of Sparkling Clean Car Wash Will Hayes said.

As the lines get bigger, an age-old battle ensues. Do you try to beat the lines? Or do you choose to go at a more convenient time but possibly wait for longer than originally expected?

"It was a pretty long line, I had to wait like a half hour, 40 minutes," Driver Samrit Dutta said.

Many go to get car washes in order to avoid the damage salt can do to their vehicle.

"You don't want salt to corrode the metal on your cars,” Driver Paulette Ortman said.

“I agree with Paulette. You do totally need to have the salt off your car. It's just going to eat away at it and then it's going to rust and then you're going to need a new car," Kimberly Janssen said.

Even ice still stuck to a car can cause damage over time.

"The ice on the windshield and everything just went down so it was all white. I couldn't see anything," Dutta said.

As the lines get bigger, some people still see the value in getting their vehicle washed.

"Your friend, he said he waited almost a half hour, if not 40 minutes for a car wash. Would you wait that long?”

“I think so, yeah, it's important to get the car washed in the winter," Driver Sid Gosh said.

Meanwhile, employees at the car wash ask customers to not get frustrated.

"I think tomorrow will be just as busy or busier. Have patience, go run an errand, get in line and at some point you'll be able to get through," Hayes said.

As they are working as hard and as quickly as they can to get all the cars that come through, clean and rust-free.

"I want them to know we're wide open washing cars," Hayes said.

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