Springfield closer to a new multi-millions dollar YMCA facility

    Springfield closer to a new multi-millions dollar YMCA facility

    A local organization looking to move to a new facility and they could be getting some help from the city.

    Springfield is now one step closer to getting a brand-new YMCA on 4th and carpenter St. in Springfield.

    On July 10th, the economic development commission took the first step toward securing necessary money for the project.

    "We approved a $5.9 million request for eligible TIF funding for the YMCA project," said Michael Pittman, chairman of the economic development commission.

    The tax increment financing (TIF) for the location comes from both the Enos Park and downtown TIF districts.

    "There were concerns brought up,” Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder said. “One about why the downtown TIF is helping pay for half of it when it really boarders the downtown TIF and it’s all about integrating downtown with Enos Park."

    The Ward 5 Alderman, Andrew Proctor, said the 87,000-square foot YMCA would be good for his area.

    “It would be a great asset to the community and this neighborhood and help with the continued revitalizations that are going on here," Proctor said.

    One member of the downtown YMCA said the ceilings leak when it rains and the building could use repairs.

    Officials with the city believe it would be more cost effective to build a new YMCA.

    "They did take a look a rehabbing it to where it needed to be and it was just too expensive to go that route," Langfelder said.

    The entire project would cost more $35 million to build.

    "Memorial Hospital has agreed to put in $9 million,” Pittman said. “There is going to be some tax credits sought by the developers as well as some private funding that will eliminate the gap as well as the TIF funding."

    If the project is approved by the council, preparations for construction are expect to begin by fall of this year and they expect to be done with the project by spring of 2020.

    Springfield alderman are expected to discuss the project at the July 10th committee of the whole meeting.

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