Springfield Fire Department investigates suspicious fires around the city

Springfield Fire Department investigates suspicious fires around the city. (WICS)

It’s very unusual for Springfield to see seven fires in seven days that require an investigation,” Springfield Fire Marshall Chris Richmond said.

The Springfield Fire Department is calling it a "spell", but not a coincidence.

Officials believe some of those fires may have been started by one or more people, and now they're investigating.

The string of fires started July 29 and continued each day of a whole week.

There were some house fires scattered across Springfield including the 2900 block of Laxford Drive, 1700 block of East Jackson Street, and 2000 block of East Glenn Avenue.

There was a stolen car found in flames at 25th and Cook streets and a garage fire in the 2200 block of Cedar Street.

The largest fire was at South Fourth and East Vine Street.

Officials say they believe someone set fire to the vacant home, and luckily no one was injured.

Residents, like Wayne C. Temple, who live nearby say it’s concerning.

“It’s a terrible crime,” Temple said. “The fire department is so excellent; they do quick responses and they're reliable and I think the whole city relies on them and really appreciates them."

The Fire Department has been working on starting new safety initiatives.

"In a real fire inside of a home, it happens fast, fires grow very quickly and it's going to get smoky in that small area, very fast,” Richmond said.

They're asking for federal dollars to install thousands of smoke alarms and money for a safety mobile unit that can teach fire safety in each neighborhood.

Fire officials said the golden rule is: "If you see something suspicious out there in your neighborhood, say something."

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