Springfield parking meters could switch to SMART meters

Springfield parking meters could switch to SMART meters

Residents could see a rise in their parking meter rates. The city said many of the meters are broken and have problems, so Tuesday night at Springfield's City Council, there was a presentation from the ISP Group about a new system that could replace many of them. They're called SMART meters and they're solar-powered parking meters that can use both card and cash. It can also sense if a car is there and resets if there isn't, which would give more money back to the city.

Overall, it would cost about $700,000, but there's a payment plan option that includes a higher parking cost that would cover that budget within three years. The city is looking into replacing 800 of the nearly 2000 meters.

If the system comes, it would be around this summer.

"Whenever I sell,” said Michael Wilson, the Director of sales for the ISP Group. “I sell with a lot of passion because I believe in these things and what they can do, many of my customers I’m working with today will tell you the same thing, ‘Boy, Michael is so excited about this technology’, because I’ve seen it work I’ve seen what it can do and I’ve seen end-user satisfaction that's second to none."

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