State Police warn motorists to drive with extra caution on I-74 near Cunningham

ISP says with the curves and hills, motorists need to slow down to avoid accidents. (WCCU)

With summer approaching, drivers are running into construction zones on Interstate 74, and because of that drivers may run into backed up traffic near Cunningham Avenue. When hitting the road, Illinois State Police warn drivers to slow down to avoid accidents.

"Traffic is backing up and motorists are not being attentive, aware and alert while they're driving,” trooper Tracy Lillard said.

Lillard said stopped traffic are can causes crashes if drivers are not paying attention.

"In that area near Cunningham we have a lot of curves there, hills and hillcrest and the problem with that is the oncoming traffic might not see the stopped traffic up ahead because it's just around the bin or it's just over top the hillcrest,” Lillard said.

Lillard said with the curves and hills drivers need to slow down, follow the speed limit and avoid distractions.

"Then be aware of their surroundings because cars could be abruptly changing lanes at the last minute,” Lillard said.

State police said the goal is to make sure drivers and construction workers make it home safely.

"Typically I-74 has been an area where we had a lot of accidents and so we really just want motorists to be attentive while they're driving and hopefully prevent being involved in a crash,” Lillard said.

The construction on I-74 is expected to run through November.

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