Still no agreement on school funding reform

Schools remain unfunded Wednesday and lawmakers have yet to agree on a new funding method for districts. (Photo by Rachel Droze)

Schools remain unfunded Wednesday and lawmakers have yet to agree on a new funding method for districts.

The House was in session Wednesday.

They voted on Senate Bill 1947. According to Rep. Will Davis, D-Homewood, it’s a bill that represents the amendatory veto changes that the governor issued relative to Senate Bill 1.

Senate Bill 1 is the legislation that would release state funds to schools.

Senate Bill 1947, the legislation voted on Wednesday in the House, failed 0 to 60.

Many Republicans opted to vote “present” on the legislation after being asked to by House Republican Floor Leader Rep. Peter Breen, R-Lombard.

“To stop playing these games that we play over and over and over again with these amendments and amendments and amendments, I’m urging the Republicans to back off this; present vote, no vote, because this is a game,” Breen said. “This is yet more again, Democrat games instead of real legislation, real work because the people of Illinois deserve a true, bipartisan compromise and they’re not getting it today from these Democrats."

House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, said the House will try to override the governor's veto next Wednesday.

If the override fails, he said they would have one more chance before Aug. 29 to try and override the governor’s veto again according to the Illinois Constitution and House Rules.

If the House is unable to override the amendatory veto, Madigan said the House will take up House Bill 3163, which has the same language as Senate Bill 1. That passed the Senate Sunday.

Madigan said he's not going to walk away from Senate Bill 1.

"Senate Bill 1 is the product of close to 10-15 years of work by educational advocates,” Madigan said. “It’s well thought out. It does the job. It’s supported by every educational advocacy group in the state."

Legislative leaders will meet Friday to continue negotiations.

According to House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, the two parties are getting close to a compromise.

Madigan said he and Durkin may be close, but he doesn't know about Rauner.

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