Stop Mindless Eating When Watching The Big Game

Stop Mindless Eating When Watching The Big Game (WRSP)

Its grid-iron time and sports and snacking seem to go hand in hand. For many sports fans, that means sitting in front of a television for hours.

In tonight's health matters, Maggie Poteau looks at how you can avoid mindless eating while watching the big game.

Research finds sports fans often consume anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 calories of snacks during a game. Enough calories for an entire days-worth of meals in one sitting.

While snacking could be a big part of watching the game, it shouldn't go on uncontrollably.

"Ask yourself, 'am I hungry?' 'Am I full?" But also ask yourself, 'how are you feeling?' 'Is this game boring?' are you feeling anxious because you want your team to win? Those feelings are going to be a significant trigger of mindless eating," said Susan Albers Bowling, PsyD.

Dr. Bowling, a psychologist at Cleveland Clinic says that you can use a few tricks to curb your mindless eating.

"If you have to intentionally get up and walk over to it, it's going to significantly cut down on how much that you eat. Also, never eat right from the container or the chip bag. Make sure that you put it on a plate so that you are aware of the portion sizes," Susan Albers. She says that by leaving evidence of what you've eaten behind, you can raise your awareness of just how much you ate.

Health experts say that people tend to mindlessly eat in groups. So, be mindful of who you're snacking with during the game. Also, try and slow down your pace instead of trying to keep up with those around you.

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