Storm Team raises $2,200 for Girls on the Run charity

In August, our Storm Team raised $2,200 towards Girls on the Run.  (WICS)

Each month, Fox Illinois teams up with Green Family Stores to donate money to a local charity based on our accurate forecasting.

In August, our Storm Team raised $2,200 towards Girls on the Run.

The after-school program benefits girls in 3rd-8th grade from lower income families by giving them to tools they need to be successful in school.

The curriculum is framed around setting goals, with the biggest goal being a 5k run.

"This program really gives girls a sense of themselves, confidence, and self-esteem which is so important as they enter those tough years of junior high,” said Executive Director of Girls on the Run Jennifer Sublet. “So we give them tools to deal with tough situations like bullying."

"To be a woman back in the day was a struggle,” said Service Director of Dodge, Kia, and Subaru, Pam Dugan. “I hope in the future it's not. I have a great niece that's part of girls on the run."

The 5k run is November 4 and they are still looking for volunteers.

The weather charity for the month of September is the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Springfield.

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