Students for March for our Lives finalize preparations in fight against gun violence

Students for March for our Lives finalize preparations in fight against gun violence

Next Saturday, thousands of students from across the country will voice their concerns about school safety and gun violence after several school shootings this year. It’s called the “March for our Lives.”

In Springfield next week, the march will happen in front of the statehouse.

These marches come after 17 were killed in a Florida school shooting in February.

"Absolutely tears my heart out that these people are just dying all the time,” said student Claire Farnsworth.

Farnsworth is a Glenwood High School student and she's determined to make a change.

She's leading what could be one of the greatest local student marches.

"Mostly because I just want to stop feeling scared in public,” she said. “And go to school and you have to keep hearing about these tragedies."

She already has about 1,500 people interested including Lillian Stevens of Springfield High school.

"Everybody feels the need to feel safe,” said Stevens.

Together, they'll lead the March for our Lives next Saturday at noon.

"We are the future's voters,” said Stevens. “I'm hardly old enough to vote and since all of this has been happening. There has been no change for a long time, and we have to do something about it."

Together, they're not backing down.

"I hate that there is a deep seeded, back of my mind fear, that it could happen,” said Farnsworth. “That I could watch my best friend die or my brother die."

They hope the student uproar will open more conversations about gun reform and stricter licensing laws. Claire said she just wants lawmakers to treat guns as the weapons they are.

“You think about the fact that no one is doing anything about it because everyone's stopped hurting from it, it just hurts so much more,” said Farnsworth.

If you want to get involved, students are making signs Sunday at the Schuck’s meeting room at noon.

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