Teacher background checks give parents peace of mind

Teacher background checks give parents peace of mind

Parents and students are preparing for the school year but parents may be concerned about who is around their child when they are at school.

Occasionally, we will hear about teachers in inappropriate relationships with students.

In order to make sure employees aren’t a threat to students, they are sent thru background checks

Ball-Chatham school district human resource director, Ashley Romadka, said teachers, administrators, coaches, and even volunteers go through background checks that look for any previous run ins with the law.

"That finger print background check includes multiple search sites such as the Illinois State Police and FBI and that also includes the sex offender registry," Romadka said.

The background check shows school officials more than just criminal convictions.

"So, if someone has a pending charge that may be on the sex offender registry that would absolutely be something we would look at in our hiring process," Romadka said.

Parent, Kenneth Carter said he thinks that schools do all they can.

"They do quite a bit on the background checks,” Carter said. “I don’t know how much more they can do."

Schools also get notified if an employee has a run in with the law.

"So, should an individual have a charge or conviction that comes up during the course of their employment with us the regional office of education would then report that to us," Romadka said.

Ball-Chatham school district has also put in place a website tab and an app called quick tip.

Using quick tip, anyone can notify officials if they are feeling harassed by a teacher or administrator.

"So, if it’s a situations where it is uncomfortable for a parent student or teacher to come down and talk to someone about it they can provide us information and we can start investigating from there."

Officials also told me that schools take allegations seriously and will conduct investigations on an employee if they get a tip from anyone.

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