Teacher deemed hero following Noblesville shooting incident

Jason Seaman (Courtesy SIU Football)

The injured seventh-grade teacher that tried to stop the shooter at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana Friday is Jason Seaman.

Seaman is also a former athlete at Mahomet-Seymour High School in Mahomet Ill.

Jason's former soccer coach Kevin Brooks said it was no surprise that he stepped in to save his students.

"Knowing Jason, it doesn't surprise me one bit that he would put his own safety forward before everyone else, because that's just the way I remember him," Brooks said.

Josh Brooks, a Mahomet-Seymour alumn, said Jason had a good reputation as a top athlete when attending high school.

"He was one of the football players that you go to the game to watch," Brooks said. "Just based on the way he carried himself, he was always the top athlete on the field."

According to The Associated Press, Seaman knocked the gun out of the shooter's hand and tackled him to the ground, likely preventing more students from getting hurt.

Jason's mother posted on Facebook earlier today that he is out of surgery and doing well.

Seaman was said to have been shot three times - once through the abdomen, once in the hip and once in the forearm.

A student was also shot during the incident - we have not received word on her condition as of yet.

Police on scene said a male student suspect is in custody.

The shooting incident occurred at Noblesville West Middle School Friday morning.

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