Thanks to social media, former Volition employees are still in the game

The bad news of layoffs at local video game developer Volition, sparked a positive response on social media. (WCCU)

The recent layoffs that hit local video game developer, Volition, leave many searching for work.

Last week, the video-gaming website Kotaku reported that more than 30 people were laid off from the company. The reason for Volition downsizing is still unclear.

One of the employees laid off said the bad news sparked a positive response on social media.

Hours after he was let go, former Volition Systems Engineer Adam Kyrouac, took to Twitter.

Kyrouac wrote in a tweet, “Unfortunately my position at Volition was terminated today. In the process of updating resume. Thank you for #VolitionJobs. I’ll reach out.”

Soon after, #VolitionJobs was popping up on news feeds everywhere. Fellow game developers and companies reaching out to help.

The Chicago-based video game developer, Iron Galaxy Studios, took it one step further. The company hosted a meet and greet in Champaign in light of the layoffs.

“When we heard the news about the layoffs at Volition, we were surprised and wanted to help,” Iron Galaxy Studios said in a written statement. “Midwestern game developers tend to stick together, so we wanted to be sure to do whatever we could to help out the Volition employees who lost their jobs.”

Kyrouac said this support is just one of the reasons he loves working in the video game industry.

“We're not competing against other studios, we're all in this sort of thing together,” Kyrouac said.

Kyrouac said once he gets settled in a new job, and likely in a new city, he looks forward to giving this same support to others going through similar situations.

Fox Illinois reached out to Volition for comment, and hasn't received a response.

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