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The Next Chapter: The Balance Of Power

The Next Chapter: The Balance Of Power (WRSP)
The Next Chapter: The Balance Of Power (WRSP)
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There will be a lot of spin in the next few days as Democrats and Republicans look to call the election a win or failure for the other side.

But after millions of dollars spent, it looks like there won't be much changing at the Capitol with Democrats still in power with a majority.

The balance of power at the statehouse has shifted some as Democrats lose their super-majority in the House, but hold on to it in the Senate.

Republicans picked up two seats in the Senate, but it wasn't enough to wipe out the Democratic super-majority of three-fifths.

The story is different in the House, where Republicans had a net gain of four seats, meaning Democrats will no longer have enough votes to override Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto.

"This has been a long, grueling campaign cycle, both nationally and locally,” said Governor Bruce Rauner. “For the good of the people of Illinois, let's put the election behind us. Let's come together and focus on the future and improving the quality of life for every family in our state. Now is the time to move forward together.”

"Republicans' millions spent coupled with the Trump headwind in downstate Illinois, created a difficult environment for many Democratic candidates," said Speaker Michael Madigan. “Rauner and his billionaire allies spent unprecedented millions - outspending Democratic candidates by wide margins - to push their agenda of increasing profits for big corporations at the expense of middle-class families.”

After all of this, Democrats will still hold at least a majority in the House and Senate.

But Republicans say the wins, during a presidential year in a blue state, shows that the people of Illinois are fed up with the status quo when it comes to Springfield.

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Lawmakers are back in session next week when they will take up veto overrides.

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