Traffic details for Luke Bryan concert

At the 2017 Illinois State Fair (Photo by Nick Decatoire)

UPDATE: Luke Bryan's security director says the north tunnel is now closed to pedestrians. People can only enter the field through the south tunnel

The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department and The Illinois State Police are issuing the following advisory for Friday, October 6, 2017, regarding the Luke Bryan concert scheduled to take place at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

For those attending the concert, the following advisory should be noted:

* All vehicles should enter the fairgrounds through gate 4, 7, 8, or 11. (NOT GATE 6)

* Parked vehicles cannot block or obstruct roadway traffic, driveways, roads, or gates.

* Follow all posted traffic signs as well as IDOT electronic signs.

* All concert traffic will follow the instructions of the traffic control officers on site.

All motor vehicle traffic not attending the concert are urged to avoid the Illinois State Fairgrounds and Peoria Road.

Concert goers can access the Grandstand Infield via the tunnels on the north and southwest corner of the Mile Track on foot only.

All times and costs for the Luke Bryan concert will remain the same.

Tailgating/parking will open at 2 p.m.

Gates to the concert will open at 5 p.m.

The show will begin at 6 p.m.

Handicap parking will be at gate 7 p.m.

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