Two arrested for package theft in Champaign

Two arrested for package theft in Champaign. (WCCU)

Two people were arrested in Champaign for theft after being caught on a home camera.

Check out this video of Patrick Jackson walking up to a house to steal a package left on the porch.

The owner of the house shared this video on Facebook.

After 20,000 shares, Champaign Police Department officers were able to catch the two suspects involved.

Champaign County Sheriff's Office is sharing tips on how you can make sure your package is safe.

"Most shipping companies now offer a receipt whenever ti is delivered. That way, you know when it is delievered to your house. That way you can call a neighbor to pick it up or you can make sure you are there," Brian Menneaga, with the sheriff's office, said.

Police said many people in Champaign County have security cameras, which can help police investigate these cases.

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