U Of I Analytics Show Trump Gaining Momentum In Electoral College Votes

    U Of I Analytics Show Trump Is Gaining Momentum In Electoral College Votes (WRSP)

    Analytics say Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is holding a commanding lead in the Electoral College over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

    A University of Illinois professor who developed a non-partisan website to crunch poll numbers, said it is 329 electoral votes to 208, in favor of Hillary.

    But the numbers are up nine for Trump since just last week.

    Professor Sheldon Jacobson said it is possible that Trump is gaining more votes through the impact of new campaign ads and new social media posts from the public.

    "What we are seeing in this election, more than any other elections, is the number of undecided voters, who still haven't made their decision,” said Jacobson. “And until they do, some of them are only going to make that decision on Election Day, we really don't know what's going to happen."

    Jacobson said Clinton is growing her lead in swing state Florida, as well as North Carolina, Nevada, and Arizona.

    Trump, on the other hand, is solid in Iowa and Texas, and competitive in Ohio.

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