U of I student donates supplies to Illinois K-9 officers

U of I student donates supplies to Illinois K-9 officers. (WICD)

First responders received a special donation Wednesday, May 2 to better treat injured K-9 officers.

University of Illinois Champaign veterinary student Paul Fedyiak donated five medical kits to Carle Arrow Ambulance Services and Illinois State Police.

The dog-specific kit has first-aid supplies that'll help treat traumas, like puncture or gunshot wounds.

Fedyniak raised nearly $2,000 to purchase the supplies. He said the supplies also include a few rewarding toys for the K-9 officers.

"Other than that, there's just some police reward toys. There's a tennis ball, another tug toy in there that just kind of allows them to distract K-9s if they need to keep them comfortable while in their truck," Fedyniak said.

The vet student says after earning his degree, he plans to raise funds to donate additional medical kits to those in need.

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