UI looks to make sexual misconduct courses mandatory

UI looks to make sexual misconduct courses mandatory

In an effort to increase participation, University of Illinois wants to make its online training courses a requirement. Right now, the courses are encouraged but not enforced.

"I am actually very surprised it isn't mandatory and there isn't any punishment," said student Arushi Bhuraria.

All universities are required by state and federal governments to have sexual misconduct training, but it's not a law to require students to take it—that is up to the individual colleges.

Many students said they took the courses but those who didn't said they received no punishment.

"I didn't know it wasn't mandatory, but I haven't done it in three years so I think it should be mandatory," said student Vrain Ahuja

The main training courses are FYCARE required for all freshmen and the annual Haven course for freshmen and returning students.

The university said on average, 90 percent of students complete the FYCARE training and 80 to 90 percent complete the Haven course—but the college wants 100 percent participating.

Some other universities and colleges require students to complete the online training courses before they can register for classes. A U of I spokesperson said it has yet to come up with a way to enforce the courses.

Students on the quad said there are other methods that are more effective than an online course.

One student said making the course mandatory might not change the culture on campus.

"A lot of the time people don't really take it seriously, it’s like 'go take it and nobody really cares'," said student Jacob Schaefer.

If the college does decide to make the courses mandatory, it would start in the Fall 2018 Semester.

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