Unity Rally Marches Through Springfield

Unity Rally Marches Through Springfield (WRSP)

A rally in Springfield, which started as a protest against President-elect Donald Trump, turned into an anti-hate rally.

More than 200 people came together Saturday at the state capitol to speak out against discrimination.

People marched through downtown Springfield with a message of being united.

Organizers said, the rally, was spurred after organizers saw anti-Donald Trump protests happening around the country and they wanted to have one in the capital city.

They say the message changed to focus more on anti-hate and less on the President-elect Donald Trump.

"Everybody knows we are in trouble and that everybody is ready to do something about it. Listening to all the speakers and hearing what people are doing right now reminds me of that we live in a democracy and we all have a part to play," said Kelly Wickman Hurst

Speakers included Springfield’s Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Sunshine Clemons.

"So, we are against what is happening, but we are not against a single person," said Clemons.

Clemons said she is not anti-trump.

"Trump did not cause these issues that are coming out and that we are seeing on the news. He did not create this. He just made it ok for people to exude and put on display," said Sunshine Clemons.

Still, people carried signs saying not my president throughout Springfield.

"I don't see it being really it as an anti-hate, but like I said my main reason is coming out here is to support what my rights are for and I feel like he is just more for making everything worse than what it was before," said Ashlyn Evangelista.

"I'm disappointed that Trump was elected and I was shocked that happened, but I hope this will wake people up," said Elizabeth Watson.

Clemons said we need to concentrate more on the issues that affect minorities.

"If you realize that they are human too maybe we can treat each other all on the same level," said Clemons.

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