University of Illinois to add hundreds of new professors in five years

University of Illinois to add hundreds of new professors in five years. (File photo)

The University of Illinois President Tim Kileen announced Thursday the university plans to increase faculty staffing across the three-university system over the next five years.

Kileen announced the plan to the Board of Trustees that he will work alongside chancellors on a program to add hundreds of new faculty employees while keeping pace with enrollment that increased to nearly 84,000 students last fall - a record high for the fifth straight year.

The university aims to have hiring plans completed later this year.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to build on the foundation that defines our excellence,” said Killeen. “In the end, our universities rise on the quality of our students and faculty. As we grow one group, we must nourish and grow the other.”

Killeen said system-wide enrollment has increased about 7 percent over the last five years, up to nearly 5,600 students. Faculty numbers increased slightly by a little over 2 percent, which amounts to 139 more faculty members after retirements and resignations.

The chancellors of all three university locations said they look forward to working with Kileen to develop a five-year plan to increase faculty staffing.

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