Veterans get once in a lifetime opportunity

Veterans get once in a lifetime opportunity (WRSP)

A group of veterans hopped on a plane at the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.

The veterans are traveling around to the war memorials dedicated to the wars they've served in.

Lincoln Land Honor Flight board member, John Dust, said they were initially struggling with fundraising this year.

Dust said they had to eliminate one of the trips this year fearing they would not meet their goal.

These flights are not cheap for the nonprofit, each visit costs them $62,000.

That's why these veterans are only allowed to take this journey once.

On this trip are three World War II veterans.

The remaining survivors from this war are getting smaller and smaller each year.

Making this extra special to U.S. Army Corps Veteran, Fred Roderick.

ā€œIā€™m really excited and feel honored and so forth, It's an honor and I know that and I appreciate it,ā€ said WWII U.S. Army Corps veteran Fred Roderick.

Happening later Tuesday around 9:30 p.m. these veterans will be coming back through the terminal.

There will be a welcoming home party.

Anyone can come out.

Let's give these veterans a welcoming they deserve for the service they've done for us.

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