Vietnam veteran shares story of struggles and success

Vietnam veteran shares story of struggles and success

A Vietnam veteran shared his story of recovery and finding peace, years after war Michigan native Tim Keenan spoke at the Lincoln Library about his film Naneek and his book The Good Hike.

His book focuses on his struggle with PTSD and how war stays with veterans forever.

The film focuses on how he returned to Vietnam decades after the war.

He wanted to remember the friends he lost and make peace with some people.

In the end Keenan says, it was a haunting experience.

“I was very scared at first,” said Keenan “but I knew it was something I needed to do because I needed to make some peace with myself and the Vietnamese people who were my enemy at the time and I knew they were probably good people, but I didn't know that.”

This was Keenan's first trip to Springfield.

He said he wants to continue to tell his full story, both the fun and the struggles.

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