Winter storm causes travel delays throughout the state

Winter storm causes travel delays throughout the state

Peoria Charter's Director of Operations manager James Wang started his day at 3 a.m. Friday morning.

"That's the difference between an airline and a bus line is unless they shut down the interstates, we're going to keep running because busses are not afraid of snow and ice,” Wang said.

The snow up north isn't stopping travelers either. University of Illinois student Ashley Grudzinski says even though roads are bad, she isn't canceling her plans to visit her grandmother in Chicago. She’s opting to take the bus.

"I've heard honestly that the roads are really bad and a lot of schools are canceled,” Grudzinski said. “It kind of made me a little bit worried to go home, but I think it will be fine."

The snow isn't just causing problems on the roads. So far, three flights coming into Willard Regional Airport have been canceled and the status of flights for the rest of the weekend are uncertain.

One passenger is considering driving to Indiana, just to get a flight home to Las Vegas.

"I want to get back,” traveler Mario Beltrani said. “The longer I stay here the more chances I'll be stuck here."

For those taking the bus, they recommend booking one that gets to the airport three hours before your flight.

"Book the earliest bus you can,” Wang said. “That way you can be prepared. I'd rather them get to O'Hare and have plenty of time on their hands to do whatever rather than having them sit on our bus panicking."

Both travelers and transportation experts say this weekend, patience will be key.

"It's better to be on the ground now and not have to worry about being in the air while the weather's bad, Beltrani said. “So you can only thing positive and get through it."

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