White supremacy message found on car tests positive for drugs

Two cards with white supremacy propaganda messages have been found at Big R in Tilton. At least one has tested positive for meth and ecstasy on initial field tests. (WCCU)


According to police, more white supremacy messages have been reported in towns across Vermilion County.

Investigators report that a field test taken on the first card that was left on a parked car in Tilton came back positive for methamphetamine and ecstasy.

That card, and the others turned in since, have been sent to the state crime lab for confirmation testing.

Police have identified the suspect distributing these racist messages, but said the suspect hasn't committed a crime unless the confirmation tests from the crime lab come back positive for dangerous substances.


Vermilion County resident Hannah Darr never thought twice about picking up advertisements left on her car.

"I was about halfway home when I saw something stuck under my windshield wiper that said ‘beware,’” Darr said. “I thought that was rather odd."

When she got home and looked at the card on Wednesday, she discovered it was a white supremacy propaganda message that someone had placed on her windshield while she had been shopping at Big R.

She placed the card on her kitchen table and soon after she says she began to feel dizzy and sick. Later her mom picked up the card and began to feel the same way.

"She didn't think anything of it either until she started complaining about feeling dizzy and ill, too,” Darr said. “And that's when I kind of connected the dots because I hadn't mentioned to her the side effects I'd had."

Darr took to Facebook to warn others of her experience. When Tilton police saw the post, they wanted to test the card.

"It field tested positive for meth and M.D.M.A., which is commonly known as ecstasy," Tilton Police Captain Ryan Schull said.

Police don't know if drugs were purposely put on the card or if it was residue from a drug user.

"If it's touched by the person and then they touch the mouth, the eyes, nose, it can be absorbed that way,” Schull said.

Police are in the process of testing a second card found on a bulletin board inside the same Big R, where Darr found the card on her car. They say if you find one of these cards you should contact police. If you find other ads placed on your car you should pick it up with either a plastic bag or gloves and throw it away.

Darr says she hopes others will hear about her experience and be more cautious when finding advertisements left on their windshield.

"I'd like people to know don't grab it,” Darr said. “Go home or grab it with a plastic sack or something. I would hate to think something, especially like a mother with children driving down the road feeling disoriented or a kid getting ahold of one of these."

Police have surveillance footage of the suspect, whom they are in the process of identifying.

The first card is being sent to the Illinois State Crime lab to confirm the types of drugs found on it. If the second card tests positive, it will be sent as well.

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