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Trump returns to campaign roots with focus on immigration

Trump returns to campaign roots with focus on immigration (SBG)
Trump returns to campaign roots with focus on immigration (SBG)
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WASHINGTON (SBG) - President Donald Trump returned to his roots Tuesday, with a renewed focus on one of his signature campaign promises - the border wall. He celebrated more than 200 miles being completed near Yuma, Arizona

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump repeatedly promised “We’re going to build the wall." But since then, the world has changed.

New polling from shows the President trailing in the race nationally and that the top three issues for voters now are the economy, healthcare civil rights.

“If the election were held today, the president would lose. But it’s quite possible to see a path to his victory and it’s also possible to see things getting even worse," said Scott Rasmussen in an interview last week.

For now, battleground states are close and the president is hoping to pick up steam by moving forward with expanding the wall and also just signed an Executive Order restricting who can get visas to work in the country.

The Trump Administration is calling these latest moves necessary once again pinning the blame congress for failing to come to an agreement on comprehensive immigration reform

Congress has its plate full with a host of other issues, like police reform and defense spending, as the Presidential campaign carries on...sort of.

Joe Biden has been largely absent from the campaign trail as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But some experts say it could be part of his strategy as well.

“The sort of more staid campaign has been helpful to Biden because it keeps the attention on Trump," said Kyle Kondik, with the University of Virginia Center for Politics, said in an interview Tuesday, we will see more of Biden soon, when he announces his running mate and then with the Convention this summer and the debates in the fall but being “Basement Biden” as some refer to him on Twitter hasn’t hurt him in the ‘way some of the other issues have impacted President Trump.

“I don’t think the president has really benefited from the recent focus on inequities and police reform but just because it’s a huge issue right now doesn’t mean it’s going to dominate fall.”
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He said four months from now, though, the issues could shift and so too could the numbers.

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