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Hannah Dukeman using NIL to raise awareness for children's cancer research

Hannah Dukeman holds cleats she is wearing for the #CureCancer initiative (Courtesy of Pliable){p}{/p}
Hannah Dukeman holds cleats she is wearing for the #CureCancer initiative (Courtesy of Pliable)

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Hannah Dukeman, a St. Joseph Ogden graduate, and her teammate Emma Eubank are using their NIL (name, image, and likeness) platforms to raise awareness for children's cancer research. Hannah is a junior at Ball State playing softball at the Division One level. Hannah is a double major in pre-med preparation, the second major is biology, and would like to work in a hospital to help children diagnosed with cancer, following her graduation.

Dukeman and Emma Eubank are using their name image and likeness to personally design cleats to wear throughout the season to raise awareness and funds.

"I created cleats this year to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. I really like kids and I've always loved kids. I'm hoping to be like the pediatric oncologist. This is kind of like hopefully getting our foot in the door, raising as much awareness and funds as possible, and then hopefully the future there's a cure. There's something we can do to help," Hannah Dukeman on raising awareness for cancer research.
"It means a lot to me. Cancer's just a big passion of mine. I always think about it because it's such a horrible disease. It's always attacking somebody that you know. So I really just think of it as a blessing to be able to use my platform to share, you know, my story, what I've been through," said Hannah's teammate Emma Eubank.

This cause hits close to home for both Dukeman and Eubank and it is reflected in the design of their cleats.

"This is my first cleat. It is more for my family members who have gone through cancer. We have these three ribbons that represent grandparents of mine and then the cure cancer is kind of like the little lingo we've been using. Then the gold here goes along with this cleat, which the gold is for childhood cancer awareness, that's the color for it. Then this last part is a smiley face. I lost a grandparent during covid to cancer... just a big supporter throughout all years of my life. Sports, family, just everything." said Hannah Dukeman on behalf of the meaning behind her cleats.
"Mine is the same as Hannah's with the cure cancer. We have the hashtag #CureCancer, and then I have the gray ribbon. This is for brain cancer. Since my uncle passed away from pediatric brain cancer, I put that ribbon on the side... Then for this one, it's just the childhood cancer awareness symbol," said Emma Eubank.

The two are auctioning off the cleats and will donate that money to cancer research.

Hannah Dukeman on bidding on the #CureCancer cleats "With these cleats, at the end of the season, we will auction them off and all of the proceeds that are raised will go to St. Jude's Research Hospital of Indiana."

If you would like to get involved and big on Hannah or Emma's cleats, you can visit their live auction.

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Following graduation and their softball careers at Ball State, Hannah, and Emma plan to pursue careers in the medical field.

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