Ayo Dosunmu bonding with teammates both on and off the court


    CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCCU) - We've seen what Ayo Dosunmu can do on the court. His NBA potential continues to rise after another stellar 24 point performance in the win over Michigan State.

    The freshman's rapid development and personality off the court have helped him become a leader on the team. He's found a way to bond with his teammates in a way unbecoming of a kid that just turned 19.

    "Each week I take a player out to lunch," Dosunmu said. "(I) just sit down and talk to them one on one to get to know them better, get to know their journey."

    His head coach has noticed how unique the young Dosunmu's approach with his teammates is.

    "It's pretty special when you get a young guy that isn't just thinking about himself," said Brad Underwood. "It's more about his teammates and about how can he help them. It's more about his coaches."

    This week, it was coach Underwood that was invited to lunch with Dosunmu. They spent an hour where Underwood was able to tell the freshman about his journey through life from his first coaching job, to the University of Illinois.

    Underwood described Ayo as 'selfless, not selfish' and cites that as a big part of Illinois' success of late. The Illini host Rutgers tomorrow at 3:00 going for their third straight win.

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