Pro Day at Illinois yields several NFL hopefuls

Running back Kendrick Foster preparing for the long jump.

The NFL Draft is just over 6 weeks away. The University of Illinois holding Pro Day today with a small group of seniors.

Wide Receiver Malik Turner recovering from surgery to get a pin put in his 5th metatarsil. He was in a walking boot and couldn't take part in running drills but put up 17 reps on the bench.

Defensive Lineman James Crawford irritating his hamstring, he was unable to complete the combine drills.

Offensive Lineman Christian DiLaurio very pleased with his results including 25 reps on the bench.

Running back Kendrick Foster with a very strong day. Running a 4.47 40 yard dash (which some scouts had as low as 4.38), 19 bench reps, and a 9' 11" broad jump

The group of Seniors will continue to workout and keep in touch with NFL scouts and hope to get a call during the draft, or an invite to an NFL camp


Word breaking on Twitter tonight as well that Virginia Tech quarterback A.J. Bush will be transferring to the University of Illinois adding a much needed veteran presence to the QB room.

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