Weather Guarantee: Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault Receives $2,000

Weather Guarantee: Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault Receives $2,000 (WRSP)

In the month of March our accurate forecasting was raising money to benefit Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault. We raised $1,600 for the charity, but Green Family Stores added another $400 to bump that up to $2,000.

PCASA helps sexual assault victims 24/7. And they are with them every step of the way on their journey to recovery. This donation is so timely for PCASA because they have lost their federal funding due to the budget impasse.

"This is the worst that we've seen it. So it's kind of a week by week thing of what our money's coming in. Without $189,000 that you depend on each year, you do have to scramble how you're going to piece things together to keep your agency's doors open," said PCASA Executive Director Shelley Vaughan.

"We've been together with them for 8 years and we've supported the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, and when we got together last time we found of that the state budget has sent them back a ways and I said we got to get them involved and we got to try to help them if we can," said Mike Quimby, General Manager of Green Hyundai.

During the month of April we'll be raising money for the Montessori Children's House of Springfield.

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